Vulture culture throw pillow. Deer Skull with stars. 20x20.

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Vulture culture throw pillow. This unique pillow features deer skulls arranged in a snowflake pattern. Fits 20x20 pillow insert.

The image comes from an actual deer skull found in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Hiking in the beautiful woods, near my home, I often find unique, photo worthy moments. I always come prepared, with camera, to preserve these special finds.

This pillow cover comes in three colors
It measures 18 x 18 inches and is designed to fit a
20 x 20 pillow perfectly- for a plump, full pillow look.

Hand made and hand dyed. Constructed of a sturdy cotton poplin front and durable denim backing, with and envelope closure.
It is machine washable and the colors will not bleed.

The technique used to create this pillow is unique and fun. Photographic negatives and UV sensitive fabric dye, were used to develop the image using sunlight, or in some cases, artificial UV light.