Iron on patch, espresso machine, coffee, coffee lover, latte, steampunk, boho, rustic, patch for jeans, for jacket, pacific Northwest, fun

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This charming, iron on patch will add unique, coffee loving flair to your fashion. It features an antique 1930's espresso machine. This machine was lovingly restored by my husband and is still in use at our house. It makes a fine cup of coffee isn't bad to look at either! We love our coffee here in the Pacific Northwest!

Please note: Patches are shipped first class letter mail without a tracking number

It is bronze, cream, and black

This is a thick cotton and felt patch that is lightly quilted on the outline of the image. Over time the edges will fray a little to the seam line, which ads to the rustic charm. An adhesive backing has been applied and is designed to be ironed on and secured with stitching

This patch was made using a unique process in which photographs are printed onto fabric using sunlight and light sensitive dye.