Deer skull Patch, vulture culture, valentine gift

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Deer Skull Patch. Vulture culture valentine's day gift. Cute, edgy patch for jeans or jacket. Perfect gift for your sweetheart.

Comes in Red, Blue, Purple and Black.

This is an iron on patch. It's best to also add a few stitches to secure it.

This is a hand-made, hand-printed item. Slight irregularities occur from print to print. Only the very best prints are used. The deer skull photograph comes from an actual deer skull found in the Pacific Northwest. The photograph was digitally enhanced to create a negative. It was then printed on fabric using UV sensitive dye. Sometimes sunlight is used and sometimes artificial UV light is used, depending on the weather.
This is a scissor cut, thick cotton and felt patch that is lightly quilted on the outline of the image. Over time the edges will fray a little to the seam line, which ads to the rustic charm. An adhesive backing has been applied and is designed to be ironed on and secured with stitching.

Iron-on instruction:

1. It's best if the material you are applying the patch to is pre-washed without fabric softener.
2. Pre-heat iron to medium heat, no steam
3. Place patch, adhesive side down, on top of project.
4. Hold iron for 8 seconds on each section of the patch
5. If possible, iron the reverse side of the project.
6. Allow project to cool completely.
7. It is highly recommended that you secure the edges of the patch with a few stitches. You will not be able to drag a needle through the iron-on adhesive as it will gum up the needle. So, be sure to stick the edges of the patch through the felt layer, adding the adhesive.

Care instructions:

The patch will hold up to machine washing just fine but may wrinkle a little. Simply iron the patch to neaten.