11mm Gauges. Ceramic Earrings. 7/16

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White Ceramic Earrings. 7/16 Gauge.

The glaze color is called "White Cloud," and is white with hint's of very pale violate

Approximately 11mm

These truly unique ceramic earrings are handmade by me. The glaze is smooth, food-safe, and non-toxic- the same kind of glaze used on common household dishes and mugs.

Ceramic art is a rustic process. Glazes behave in unique and unpredictable ways during firing. Minor imperfections can occur. For this reason, all earrings are photographed and listed individually. What you see is what you get.

As with glass or even bone earrings, these will break if dropped.

It is not recommended to wear these during bar fights, cage fighting, or any other sports activity.

It is not recommended to use this jewelry to stretch the earlobes. Please visit a professional piercer for stretching.