Light sensitive dye is used to dye images into fabric. I use Solarfast dye, manufactured by Jacquard. I only discovered this product four months ago, in April of 2018. I was instantly intrigued by it, and soon became obsessed with mastering the medium. I've spent hours experimenting and made more than a few ugly things that ended up in the trash. Over time, results improved. I'm still learning every day and it's very exciting. Usually the first thing I think about in the morning is what experiment I'm going to try for the day.  

The photo ilustraits cotton poplin treated with blue Solarfast dye. A photo negative of a deer skull is placed in the center of the piece, and surrounding are placed black confetti stars from the dollar store. After the design is arranged on the fabric, glass is placed over the whole thing to insure good contact with the dye. The piece can be developed in the sunlight or using artificial UV light. Exposure times for sunlight vary according to weather conditions, and color of dye used (for blue 10-20 minutes). Exposure time for the artificial UV set-up that I have is about one hour.